A Song for Issy Bradley – A Review

A Song for Issy Bradley – A Review

Since our Wordpool displays popped up across Blackpool Libraries, we’ve been inundated with praise for our Wordpool authors. Debut novelist Carys Bray seems to be developing quite the fan base in Blackpool with recommendations for her book, A Song for Issy Bradley, flooding in.

Here’s what one of our readers thought..

carys bray imag book jacket

This is a deeply truthful story of a family in crisis. A Song for Issy Bradley has the veracity of a real family trying to cope with a loss that is too hard to bear. Bray tells the story from the perspective of each family member, a difficult task, which works here because the Bradleys she creates are completely believable.  I wanted to alternately hug and chide each and every one of this flawed and very human family.

They are a close knit Mormon family who find their faith tested when they need it most.  Bray has a lightness of touch which ensures that this story of grief never strays into sentimentality, deftly balancing moments of heartbreaking sadness with everyday banality and humour. 

Bray was raised in a Mormon family and her knowledge of life within a religious community means that the myriad of friends and neighbours, whose practical support and tales of miraculous faith often woefully misfire are believably drawn.  

It’s a read it in a weekend book, one you won’t be able to put down and a story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.  The most memorable character is Issy, the one who is missed by all. 


Carys Bray will be joining us at Wordpool Festival this year, in conversation with Amanda Brooke, author of The Missing Husband.

Friday 3 July 2015
Central Library
Tickets : £3 including refreshments

You can buy your tickets for this event at Blackpool Central Library or online with Eventbrite.


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