Elly Griffiths is Central Library’s Crime Reading Club Pick

Elly Griffiths is Central Library’s Crime Reading Club Pick

Elly Griffiths

Blackpool’s Central Library Crime Reading Group meet on the first Tuesday on every month, 10.30-11.30am, and they know what makes a good crime novel.

So we were delighted when Elly Griffiths, one of their favourite writers, agreed to return to Blackpool for this year’s Wordpool.

Elly appeared at the festival in 2013 and her friendly and entertaining talk made her many new fans in Blackpool.

If you haven’t read any of Elly’s Ruth Galloway series, Dying Fall which has a local setting  could be a good start.  Ruth, a university archaeologist in Norwich heads to Lancashire: the mystical Pendle Hill and rather less mystical Blackpool when she hears that an old university friend has been killed in a house fire – and then, two days later, gets a letter from him asking for her help.

Elly has recently published a first book in a new series based in 1950’s Brighton The Zig Zag Girl featuring a new lead character: Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens. We’re looking forward to hearing about the inspiration behind this new investigator and his unconventional partner magician Max Mephisto.

Elly Griffiths, Author’s Talk Thurs 2nd July 2015 at 2.30pm Central Library.

You can buy your tickets for this event at Blackpool Central Library or online


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