End to End – share their journey

End to End – share their journey

In April 2012 three women made a daring and unusual journey from one end of Great Britain to the other. They made their journey in just 18 days on as many different forms of transport as possible.

Trusting to their resourcefulness and the kindness of strangers they made an 874 mile journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats to discover the real Britain. They traveled the country roads of Gloucester on a pink tractor, rode through Nottingham in three Back to the future Deloreans and left Edinburgh in style on a old fashioned red London bus.

Now they are in Blackpool with their brand new show End to End which is an honest and touching portrayal of their journey. Peoples stories collected along the way are cleverly threaded through the narrative.

“With wings wrought of wanderlust this show soars. A heartfelt love letter to the ineffable spirit of adventure” 4/5 Fringe Biscuit

The Gramophones are a theatre company based in Nottingham, who specialise in witty, interactive theatre with a twinkle in its eye. Their work is informed by clowning techniques and as a result is playful, fun and engaging. They place their audiences at the centre of their performances and regard them not only as voyeurs but as players in their work.  All members of The Gramophones have a wealth of experience working within theatre as both performers and practitioners. They are an all female company who came together in 2009.

6.30pm Blackpool Sixth Form College Theatre, Blackpool Old Road, Blackpool

Tickets £3 concessions £2 ( Blackpool Library Members)

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