July 2013

Wordpool – Dead Good Poets with Trev Meaney

Another review from altblackpool’s editor Vicky Ellis that reminds those of us who were lucky enough to be there what an enjoyable evening it was. Wordpool has really valued the coverage that Blackpool’s newest online arts, music and community magazine has given the festival this year. Read about Trev Meaney with the Dead Good Poets, http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/wordpool-dead-good-poets-with-trevor-meaney

The Grand Theatre’s Tiny World was Peachtastic

Read altblackpool’s review of the Tiny World that the Grand Theatre created for Wordpool 2013, inspired by the story of James and the Giant Peach, http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/james-and-the-giant-peach-grand-theatre-at-stanley-park

Tiny Worlds Family Day

The sun was blazing and the Tiny Worlds were bustling. The Tiny Worlds Family Day was a lovely end to Wordpool 2013!

Martin Edwards – Crime at the Seaside

Martin’s very complimentary about his visit to Wordpool and Blackpool. Our audience were just as appreciative of his and Kate Ellis’s event, with ratings of 5/5 on all our evaluation sheets. We’re looking forward to that short story, Martin. Read Martin’s account of his vist to Wordpool, http://doyouwriteunderyourownname.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/crime-at-seaside.html

Elly Griffiths and Elizabeth Fremantle – Reviews in altblackpool

Some great coverage of the Festival this year from altblackpool, Blackpool’s newest online arts, music and community magazine. Their writers have really captured the mood of the festival. Read David Riley’s review of the Elly Griffiths event here, http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/elly-griffiths-at-wordpool-2013 For our Morning Coffee with Elizabeth Fremantle we used an interview format which worked really well. […]