Pulp Idol Blackpool Heat Winners…

Pulp Idol Blackpool Heat Winners…

Congratulations to Beverley Bannister and Lisa Phillips who go through to the final of Pulp Idol 2017 being held in Liverpool on 20 May. Exciting times for two deserving winners.

The Blackpool heat, held at Central Library on 11 May, was a fun occasion. Eight finalists read out 3 minutes of their chapter in front of Writing on the Wall judges Mike Morris and Colin Watts. Three minutes doesn’t sound like a long time… it is for the one doing the reading. The judges quizzed entrants on their work and influences and nobody appeared fazed, it was like chatting amongst friends.

The judges offered constructive feedback and complimented everyone who took part. We’ll all go away having learned something, full of enthusiasm to continue with our writing projects. Thank you Wordpool and Writing on the Wall for a great experience.

Good luck Beverley and Lisa for the Liverpool Pulp Idol 2017 final.

Words and image by guest blogger and Pulp Idol participant Sue Massey.

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