Pulp Idol Final in Liverpool

Pulp Idol Final in Liverpool

The Wordpool Team had a grand day out on Saturday to Liverpool’s WOWFEST, to support Blackpool’s two ‘Pulp Idol’ finalists Lisa and Beverley. They both did Wordpool and Blackpool proud reading three minutes of their first chapters to the panel and fielding some quite challenging questions.

Beverley and Lisa shared some thoughts about their Pulp Idol journey:

Thanks to Wordpool and the amazing staff at Blackpool Libraries, Liverpool-based community project Writing On The Wall has this year been able to extend their Pulp Idol novel writing competition to the Blackpool area.  As soon as I saw the event listed on Wordpool’s  website, I knew I wanted to submit an entry.

The heat took place at Blackpool Central Library on Queen Street.  Each of the entrants read from their own work for three minutes and then took questions from the two judges, who also gave considered feedback. 

People often say that these are the two things they are most afraid of, but they really shouldn’t be!  As all writers know, writing itself is a very solitary pastime.  It’s actually surprisingly difficult to get your work seen by professionals, let alone assessed, and many writers can feel isolated and without  direction.  So entering a well-structured competition like  Pulp Idol is the ideal opportunity to get yourself heard and the advice given by the judges is informed and invaluable. 

Wordpool, Blackpool Libraries and of course Writing on the Wall are delighted to welcome all comers  and at the Pulp Idol heat everybody was so warmly received that it was impossible to feel nervous for long.  I can say that what could have been a daunting experience really wasn’t!

I never expected to be successful in the heat and I still can’t quite believe it. But being a Pulp Idol finalist means that my work will enjoy greater exposure to both readers and publishing professionals alike because my chapter will be published in The Pulp Idol Book of Firsts.  Launching in December 2017, it will go on sale both in both hard copy and electronic forms.  This kind of recognition would be almost unattainable if I hadn’t taken the plunge and entered this fantastic competition.  

So, If anyone reading this is thinking about entering Pulp Idol next year, or any other writing competition, then I urge you to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and do it.  But if you feel that competing might not be for you, then why not start a writing journey of your own?   Come along to the Wordpool Festival events and get in touch with your local library and see what they have to offer and how they can help.  Each of us, regardless of age, background or ability has a story to tell; YOU have a story to tell.  Go on, give it a go! – Beverley Bannister, finalist

I entered the Pulp Idol competition without much idea of what to really expect. It’s a solitary process working on a novel, and it’s hard to get a grasp of your own work from an objective viewpoint, so reading to an audience of fellow writers and avid readers and answering questions about my characters and writing choices was really valuable. It felt like an exciting, supportive experience, and being selected for the final was such a huge boost. I would strongly urge other writers to enter! – Lisa Phillips, finalist

The winner was Laura Bui and the Pulp Idol – Firsts 2017 book – an anthology of first chapters from the new novelists who won the Competition. is available through www.writingonthewall.org.uk

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