Dan the Storyman at Wordpool Family Day

Dan the Storyman at Wordpool Family Day

Wordpool Stanley Park 2015 (173)

We can’t wait to welcome back Dan the Storyman AKA Dan Worsley to our Wordpool Family Day on July 2, 1-4 at Stanley Park

Dan Worsley, local children’s writer and storyteller, gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect…

WP: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

DW: After teaching for fifteen years in a large Blackpool primary school I made the leap into writing children’s books and storytelling in 2013. Since then I’ve written two books and a third is on the way very soon. When I’m not writing I visit schools, libraries and all manner of public spaces across the North West to deliver author visits, storytelling sessions and writing workshops.

WP: What are you most looking forward to about the Family Day?

DW: This is my third Wordpool storytelling appearance. Without doubt the best thing about the Family Day is that I get to share my stories with huge audiences in the beautiful surroundings of Stanley Park. For a lad born and raised in the town it’s the stuff of dreams!

WP: What can we expect to see on the day?

DW: I’ll be pulling on my multicoloured storytelling waistcoat to perform three 30 minute story sessions across the afternoon. With the help of some props, I will be sharing one of the Impossible Tales from my first book.

WP: What was you favourite childhood read?

DW:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will be a book that will always remind me of my childhood. It’s a magical book and it had me testing the back of my wardrobe to see if I could get to Narnia!

Wordpool kicks off a run of library events for Dan throughout July and August. Visit Dan’s website to find out more about where you can catch him, his waistcoat and his Impossible Tales this summer.


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