Just Some of the Wonderful Things You Said About This Year’s Wordpool

Just Some of the Wonderful Things You Said About This Year’s Wordpool

Dan Worsley told his Poolie story to an amazing number,  3760 schoolchildren, and 468 children took part in artist-led workshops with Bonkers Clutterbucks and Vanessa Card to create a large scale artwork for the Story Safari Family Day. The Wordpool Schools programme engaged 13 schools in total (12 primaries and 1 special school). This is what they said…

Thanks for your visit today. The children loved hearing you tell your story about Poolie and his adventures leading up to his arrival in Blackpool. I was watching some of them as you spoke and they were totally enthralled. After you left, they drew what they thought Poolie might look like and they wrote some amazing story endings. They can’t wait to find out how your version finishes and see how it compares to their ideas. We are also planning to use the endings to do some story-telling which we will film and put on the blog and we are very excited to work with Bonkers Clutterbucks next week to make some Poolie related artwork for the Story Safari. Thanks again from 5M and 5C  Claremont Primary

Yet again Dan had over 300 children hanging on his every word! The Unity children were amazed, inspired and enthused by Dan’s experiences as a writer and the tale of the Poolie. He was able to motivate even the most reluctant writers to produce a sparkling simile and a marvellous metaphor.  There was a real eagerness from children and staff to continue the tale. We can’t wait for July 4th at the park and for Dan’s next visit to Unity. 
Primary Head Unity Academy

Broden and Gabriel (year 5) We thought it was great because Dan told the story with his hands. He made pictures with his hands so you could really imagine the story.”

The children and adults were absolutely captivated by Dan’s amazing storytelling. Feeling inspired, the children worked imaginatively writing their own ending to Dan’s story. Roseacre Primary Academy

 Festival Thank you letter

Thank you so much for a wonderful Wordpool Festival. Everything was great: speakers, venues, food, bookstall, and the festival pass was amazing value for money.

I think the library provision in Blackpool, and the events that are arranged, is second to none and we are very lucky to live here.

Suggestions for next year. Better and much earlier publicity, so more people can come along and enjoy it. I’d still really like to have a play or script writer if at all possible.

Best wishes to you all – hope you are having a rest this week!

Things you said you liked about Story Safari:

Lots of fun activities and great people

Wathching my daughter dance and my other daughter have fun

I loved the TRex, the two pigeons and the mechanical hippo with the poison frog in his mouth. I really enjoyed being the hero of the story at the story S.O.S

Listening to Save Our Stories by accident as the pigeons weren’t around, really glad though. Amazing. Thank you

We have been coming for the last three years and the event gets better and better! Maybe 2-3 days next year? Thanks!

The baby T-Rex was excellent. It was lovely to see my son join in creative activities as it’s usually something he avoides.

Listening to Dan and taking part in all the amazing craft activities on offer, The day was so well organised and thoughtful. Thank you to all those involved.

The 5 children we brought enjoyed everything from the shows to making and creating.

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