Wordpool welcomes back the Gramophones

Wordpool welcomes back the Gramophones

We’re delighted to be hosting the only North-West date for the wonderful Gramophones Theatre Company’s new production Wanderlust. Those who saw their magical performance ‘End to End’ in 2013 won’t want you to miss this!

“With wings wrought of wanderlust this show soars. A heartfelt love letter to the ineffable spirit of adventure” (Fringe Biscuit on End to End)

Tickets are limited so book early – contact Blackpool Libraries 01253 478080 for details.

May 6th, Central Library, Queen Street, Blackpool



  1. […] The company will be performing the work as an opener to The Gramophones Theatre Company’s production of Wanderlust, click here to find out more about this show – https://blackpoolwordpool.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/wordpool-welcomes-back-the-gramophones/ […]

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